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  • Violent, suspicious, paranoid: Parents who suffer from serious brain disease

      “Someone is trying to break into my wardrobe. The lock doesn’t work anymore,” M. Maimunah (not her real name), 60, complains to Jo, her youngest son who is visiting her. She lives with her eldest son Din and his family. Jo nods his head and promises to buy her a new lock when he next visits […]

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  • Help! My mum’s mental illness has turned her into a monster

    There’s no knowing when Madam Tang will go berserk. During these flare-ups, Tang will knock her head on the wall or beat her chest. Family members do not know why the matriarch of the house is acting so irrationally. But her waning memory and behavioural changes are signs that things are not right. “My mother […]

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To promote the integrative approach towards the ageing process and to foster and co-ordinate education, study and research in ageing in Malaysia.

To Increase Vigilance among the Community

To increase vigilance among the community about the impact of longevity and ageing population on individuals and society if not address.

Information about Health Programmes

To provide information to empower consumers to make informed choices about health programs based on data from scientific studies.

Liaising with Various Professionals

To liaise with healthcare professionals, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and Government bodies in this country and associate with societies with similar objectives and interest in this country and overseas in the integrated approach towards the ageing process.

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At Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society, we work with few of our partners to ensure our mission and vision is fulfilled. A shout out of thanks to all our dedicated and committed partners as follows