MHAS strongly advocates the holistic approach towards ageing healthily.  Inspired by this, we wanted to develop a minimalist logo that visually communicates the word ‘holistic’ and yet is visually abstract as healthy ageing is a constantly evolving concept.

We chose a hand drawn abstract circle to represent the ‘holistic approach towards healthy ageing’. The circle is intentionally irregular to signify that while the approach is holistic, it is still not a definitive science and will always continue to evolve. We call this the ‘human factor’ in that different people have different approaches which signifies that there is no ‘one solution fits all’

The reason M is separated from the HAS is because that’s how the brand should sound phonetically from hence forth. This visual separation will lead to an easier adoption of this phonetic change in the mindset of the general public.

An adaption of RUBINE RED is the chosen brand colour. It is a strong positive colour that excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. This particular colour is also very strong visually and there is a space for MHAS to ‘own’ the colour amongst NGO’s in Malaysia.