• forever young

    Staying forever young

    While there is no magic pill to reverse the aging process, our longevity can be further ensured by improving our environment, diet, lfiestyles and attitudes.   By Steve Yap ACCELERATED ageing is treatable. In anti-ageing medicine, the ageing process itself is viewed by interventionists (therapists) as a health disorder. The majority of the present ageing […]

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  • Holistic ageing for the times

    By MENG YEW CHOONG  A four-day congress on healthy ageing in Kuala Lumpur next week will see a broad interdisciplinary discussion on ageing. ORGANISED by the Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society (MHAS) and co-sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing 2012 (WCHA 2012) will be held at the Kuala […]

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  • 239

    Providing for the elderly

    Looking after the elderly is a collective responsibility, a retired judge tells Meera Murugesan The issue of whether to compel children to care for elderly parents has yet to be addressed in Malaysia GROWING old is unavoidable but we can control how we age. The term “healthy ageing” is often used in relation to senior […]

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  • Congress on holistic ageing

    theSun – Friday 24th February, 2012 WEcannot run away from it: the process of ageing is part of the cycle of life. The sensible one would learn to be at peace with this reality and find a way to age gracefully! No doubt ageing is one of the major challenges for the world. The consequences […]

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  • Care for the elderly in your family – Mayor

    theborneopost – By Lee Ya Yun   KUCHING: Care for the elderly in our family, an approach Kuching City South Council (MBKS) mayor James Chan strongly believes should be continued to be practised. He also urged extending the care to elderly in other families in the community. He said this at the opening of Empowering […]

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  • 237

    Live to a healthy 90, but how?

    Is it the number of vitamins you pop, the hours you spend in the gym, the super genes that have been passed down to you or the medical treatment you can afford? Audrey Vijaindren finds out what it takes to live long MORE than 10 years ago, best price cialis Malaysian women were not expected […]

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  • 232

    10th January 2012, NST – For love of the liver

    By Sushma Veera, NST Many tend to neglect their liver, not realising that this organ needs their care so it can perform at its best. This triangular-shaped organ, located at the right hypochondrium (right side of the upper abdomen) serves as the body’s filter, garbage disposal and attentive gatekeeper to the heart, which are among […]

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  • 201

    Is there life after 50?

    New Straits Times – Sunday 13th June 2010 THEIR children have left the nest, employers are counting the months to their retirement and health problems may be lurking around the corner. However, with a renewed zest for life and ambition to live their golden years to the fullest, people over the age of 50 — […]

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