Mobility & Moving Day to Day

Human body is made to move. Mobility is important aspect of our daily lives especially when we are ageing. Moving improves ability to perform our daily lives and ultimately the quality of living. Keep moving the body as much as possible increases the entire body’s mobility. Hence, it is vital to incorporate movement into daily life.
Improving moving can be beneficial to an older person because it increases mobility, flexibility and at the same time reduces injury rate. It can also improve muscular and neurological recovery apart from being cognitively alert and keeping one self orientated.
Moving and mobility could be performed independently, with assistance (minimal/maximal) or totally dependent on others. There are various methods in moving a person from one position to another or from one place to another. There are also many mobility aids available in assisting a person to move or lifted. It is important that proper and suitable technique applied or assistive tools used in help moving a person in need. Assessing the person’s ability, requirement and amount of help available, helps to identify that most appropriate intervention to enable moving and mobility. Knowledge and application of low or high assistive technology can be of help.
All effort must be made to maintain and improve the mobility status of our loved ones Mobility & Moving Day to Day

Incontinence Care Workshop

Incontinence can be managed, why should it affect our quality of Life? Perhaps you’re one of the millions who experience bladder weakness or maybe your’re looking after a loved one or working in a professional incontinence care capacity.
Whatever your situation or experience, come join our forum to gain more information, support and even inspiration in one of our topics & workshop on incontinence matters.