Whether you are an experienced carer or new to the role,
everyone can benefit from learning more about being a carer.

Programme Highlights

An introductory practical weekend programme delivered by professionals for the public who are interested in healthcare training. It covers most of the basic knowledge required to look after the elderly. It aims to provide an in-depth knowledge with practical demonstration for specialised care and understanding in management of the Elderly.


  • makes you more confident in your role
  • gives you access to valuable support
  • helps you gain knowledge and skills
  • helps you avoid becoming burnt out

Target group

This programme is open to anyone who is interested in ageing issues and caring for the elderly. 10 CPD points would be given to nurses for taking part in our programme.

Programme Facilitors

A panel of experts and professionals comprising of Cardiologists, Clinical Psychologist, Endocrinologists, Geriatricians, Neurologists, Occupational Therapists, Opthalmologists, Otorhinolaryngologists, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrists, Nursing Tutors & Advocate & Solicitors.

Reasons for learning

Care givers for the elderly need information and training in a variety of healthcare related skills which include

  • dressing surgical wounds
  • monitoring heart and blood sugar levels
  • administering medication

Advantages of this programme

  • learn and understand from the experts
  • dispel doubts and misconceptions about caring for the elderly
  • understanding psychological and physiological ageing aspects of the elderly

With this training, a care giver is equipped with the right attitude and knowledge on Caring for the Elderly.

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